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Experience what Qigong can do for you!

Qigong, the art of moving stillness, is a unique way to boost your energy and experience instant relaxation. The Qigong weekend with master Robert Peng gives you the opportunity to learn simple, ancient practices to revitalise your body, while calming your mind. On 7, 8 and 9 June 2019 Robert Peng will be in the Netherlands for the second time to teach Qigong. Join us and discover Robert Peng’s clear teachings and the beneficial relaxation that Qigong can offer you. Give yourself a treat and sign up for this unique experience. If you buy a ticket for the entire weekend (workshop 1+2+3) you benefit from 10% package discount and pay €324 in stead of €360!

Why practice Qigong?

  • Immediately gives more (positive) energy and strength
  • Very simple and yet effective exercises 
  • Helps well against stress and burnout symptoms
  • Is very suitable for all ages
  • Supports recovery after an injury or operation
  • Movement without heavy exercises
  • Makes your muscles supple and strong(er) 

During the Qigong weekend you can attend three workshops:

Workshop 1 Qi PartyFriday 7 June
Workshop 2Qigong for vitalitySaturday 8 June
Workshop 3Qigong for deep cleansingSunday 9 June


About Robert Peng

Robert Peng is a Chinese Qigong Master who started practising Qigong as an 8 year-old boy. He has spent the last 20 years teaching Qigong to people all around the world. Read more about Robert Peng. Also watch the video interview with Robert Peng in 2011 below.

About Qigong 

Qigong is an ancient Chinese practice of exercises and meditations anyone can perform. The word Qigong actually means ‘practice or cultivate (gong) using vital energy (Qi)’. According to Chinese philosophy everything in life has Qi [pronunciation: tsjiè] and Qigong is a way to access that life force directly. Effortless movement and guided meditation help you to calm down your mind and remain present in your body, gaining awareness of its wisdom. Practising Qigong will surely add clarity to your mind and flexibility to your body and life. Qigong exists in many forms:

  • In Chinese martial arts the goal is to increase and concentrate the Qi: where you direct your awareness, Qi is present.
  • In traditional Chinese medicine the goal is to let Qi flow, thus creating balance in your body and organs.
  • In the Chinese internal alchemy practice the goal is to transform Qi into nourishing vital energy, which is fundamental to emotional balance, self-healing and spiritual growth.

Learning how to practise Qigong benefits greatly from live teaching. Robert Peng will guide you through the movements and meditations using clear instructions, so you may focus on your own feelings and observations.



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Robert is a great teacher and he is the most kind, caring and modest person. I am impressed by his personal life story. You will feel refreshed and recharged after the workshop.

Cornelia M

Healing Tao Instructor

I really enjoyed the day. Strangely enough, I realize this only after some time has passed!

Connie W

Taiijquan-Qigong Magazine 2018